Friday, January 29, 2016

January, 29, 2016

I have been extremely busy the past two weeks. Between arranging to have last Saturday off for the seminar and all that we have to do at work.  Store resets are a pain in the you know what for us.  We have to re-site the aisles.  On top of that there are a lot of sale changes at the end of the month.

So I arranged to take Saturday, January 23, 2016 off for the "Fundamentals of Armizare" seminar at the Northwest Fencing Academy.  I had a great time.  I met and made new friends in the HEMA community.  I learned some new techniques and worked on adjusting and correcting things I already know.  My practice paid off and despite being a newbie I kept up and did well.  I also met another lovely Esphinges member (international women's HEMA group) who gave me my club badge.  I have never had a club badge before so I fount that rather exciting and cool too.

The first two hours were stretching followed by reviewing and practicing footwork.  My stance will need continued improvement as my feet want to line up when they shouldn't.  (Really worn out shoes are part of my problem.)  Then we went onto some body mechanics.  Practicing proper form for sword strikes.  Then it was lunch time.  After lunch we picked up steel training swords and practiced different guards and strikes.  We stuck to largo plays.  Then we donned masks and gorgets and practiced these moves against partners.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't get as much out out of the very end as I was getting tired-mentally and physically.  They finished with some sparring where I and the other newbs sat out and watched those more experienced have at it.  Afterwards we went out as a group and had dinner and socialized before we had to split up and head home in our separate directions.

This weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and did several new things.  I used a steel sword for training.  The biggest was the class itself.  I have never participated in a martial arts class before or done anything like this before.  I have done some swimming exercise classes at the local pool and worked out at Curves.  The whole seminar was an exciting, new experience and I was nervous at first.

I have reached a stage where I gone beyond the "I want to learn" to I am learning and I am doing.  I notice as I practice now there is a feeling of I am a swordswoman instead of a wannabe now.  I am know I still have a lot to learn, practice and experience.  And even years down the road there is always room for improvement and learning.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

YAY!  HEMA club training yesterday.  We had seven people total including our fearless leader.  I met three new people.  I believe one was already a member, but the two others are new.  A mother and son.  I've really missed the training and my new friends over the holidays.   We covered footwork, sword grip and some basic guards.  I learned a  few new ways to go from one guard to another. Both in hand to hand combat and with my sword.   I am amazed at how quickly time flies during these training sessions.

I have made the commitment to attend the training seminar, "The Fundamentals of Armizare" on January 23.  I have purchased my ticket and am excited about going.  I will be carpooling with our leader and others.  I have already arranged my work schedule to have Saturday off.

Another milestone I've passed in my life is I am now ten years free of nicotine.  I have anticipated that clean date for years.   And it passed me by.  I didn't remember until three days after that date. Whoops....

I have met my weight loss goals for the holidays.  That goal was not to gain any of what I have lost back.  GOAL ACHIEVED!   Actually I have lost another three pounds.  I stepped on the scales again this morning since I've went in another notch on my belt.

I am spending more time with friends and having a real life, social life outside of work for the first time in years.  I am enjoying it.  I had forgotten what a people person I am.   I still have to have my alone time, but I do enjoy people.  I am one of those lucky people who seem to get along with most anyone.   Maybe because I always look for the good in others and I usually find it.  

I am finally getting back into the swing of things around the homestead here.  And I have actually expanded what I am keeping clean.  My progress is slow, much slower than my impatient self like.  I am working hard to recognize what progress I have made so as not to become dispirited.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello Sweet 2016

This is the year to "clean house" and I do mean this about my physical surroundings and my yard.  To sort, clean, toss, organize and fix.   Paint, scrub, patch....etc;

I am excited to see the positive changes in my body this coming year.  The continuation of losing this excess weight, getting back into excellent physical shape and how much better I will feel.  I expect my energy and moods to continue to improve.  Increased stamina, strength and how much I will have learned when it comes to protecting myself.

Cleaner eating and living.   In hindsight I think the malfunction of our refrigerator was a wonderful blessing in disguise.   It still keeps things cold, but not as cold as it should.  Eggs, margarine, cheese and sour cream seem to hold well.   For me it meant a change in my way of thinking and in how I eat. I rarely use bread anymore let alone mayonnaise.  I eat sliced meat (not processed lunch meat) and cheese instead of a sandwich.

My "goals" for 2016 is to keep doing what I have been and to keep working on doing more like I have been.  I am slowly getting back onto the cleaning wagon and am slowly turning chores into good habits.   To continue being good and frugal with my finances.

I do believe I am actually kind of excited about this new year!