Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

YAY!  HEMA club training yesterday.  We had seven people total including our fearless leader.  I met three new people.  I believe one was already a member, but the two others are new.  A mother and son.  I've really missed the training and my new friends over the holidays.   We covered footwork, sword grip and some basic guards.  I learned a  few new ways to go from one guard to another. Both in hand to hand combat and with my sword.   I am amazed at how quickly time flies during these training sessions.

I have made the commitment to attend the training seminar, "The Fundamentals of Armizare" on January 23.  I have purchased my ticket and am excited about going.  I will be carpooling with our leader and others.  I have already arranged my work schedule to have Saturday off.

Another milestone I've passed in my life is I am now ten years free of nicotine.  I have anticipated that clean date for years.   And it passed me by.  I didn't remember until three days after that date. Whoops....

I have met my weight loss goals for the holidays.  That goal was not to gain any of what I have lost back.  GOAL ACHIEVED!   Actually I have lost another three pounds.  I stepped on the scales again this morning since I've went in another notch on my belt.

I am spending more time with friends and having a real life, social life outside of work for the first time in years.  I am enjoying it.  I had forgotten what a people person I am.   I still have to have my alone time, but I do enjoy people.  I am one of those lucky people who seem to get along with most anyone.   Maybe because I always look for the good in others and I usually find it.  

I am finally getting back into the swing of things around the homestead here.  And I have actually expanded what I am keeping clean.  My progress is slow, much slower than my impatient self like.  I am working hard to recognize what progress I have made so as not to become dispirited.

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