Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello Sweet 2016

This is the year to "clean house" and I do mean this about my physical surroundings and my yard.  To sort, clean, toss, organize and fix.   Paint, scrub, patch....etc;

I am excited to see the positive changes in my body this coming year.  The continuation of losing this excess weight, getting back into excellent physical shape and how much better I will feel.  I expect my energy and moods to continue to improve.  Increased stamina, strength and how much I will have learned when it comes to protecting myself.

Cleaner eating and living.   In hindsight I think the malfunction of our refrigerator was a wonderful blessing in disguise.   It still keeps things cold, but not as cold as it should.  Eggs, margarine, cheese and sour cream seem to hold well.   For me it meant a change in my way of thinking and in how I eat. I rarely use bread anymore let alone mayonnaise.  I eat sliced meat (not processed lunch meat) and cheese instead of a sandwich.

My "goals" for 2016 is to keep doing what I have been and to keep working on doing more like I have been.  I am slowly getting back onto the cleaning wagon and am slowly turning chores into good habits.   To continue being good and frugal with my finances.

I do believe I am actually kind of excited about this new year!

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