Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hectic Days

I mentioned the other day to a friend that I missed the stamina I had in my younger days.  Up until I was about thirty four I was in excellent physical condition.   Remember the old saying of being careful what you wish for?

I ended up going non-stop from the time I crawled out of bed at one am in the morning until I accomplished the absolute minimum I had to have done and can crawl back in between five and seven pm.   I did this for ten days straight. At that point I had not had any downtime to relax-at all. No time to clean house, take out the trash, do the dirty dishes or clean up the kitchen.  No chance to check e-mail or get online.   My weight lifting has been spotty and sword play outside of HEMA  non-existant.

I have done well running so long and hard on so little sleep.  I have definitely been building up that stamina to work longer and harder...This has also kick started my weight loss program again.  I am pleased to say I have kept up my daily meditation.  I have also managed to not lose any ground on my weight lifting either.

I finally got two days off in a row. I don't think I get two days off together for the next two weeks.  After that looks like I'll be doing the scheduling. Hmm.....Let me back track a bit here.  I have been working full forty hour weeks at my retail job.  I have been prepping and learning to take over for my boss who was going on vaction for a week.  Then it was two weeks, and now she has retired.  She's not coming back.  Until she is replaced I am now by default the lead of my little department.  So that includes things like scheduling, and ordering supplies.  

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