Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 Weights, Guitars and Arm Bars

Another busy week.  You are probably wondering what weights, guitars and arm bars all have in common?  Read and you will find out, lol!

I have been unhappy with my lack of progress for months.  I just couldn't seem to move past the reps I'd been doing.  Then I switched up to slow and fast reps on the advice of my MMA friend.  (I think I will just start calling him *Jay from now on)  After about ten days of consistant training I upped the number of my reps by five. Three nights ago I had a break through moment-all of a sudden the weights felt like feathers. I upped the number of my reps another five.  The next step will be to add another set of reps to my work out.  I am so gratified to finally see results from my hard work.  It also encourages me to continue on.

I think part of the problem was inconsistancy.  Honestly I didn't like weight lifting, because to me it was boring and it was work.  That attitude made it hard for me to make it a daily habit.  Now that I have become used to it I am learning to love it and enjoy it.  I also believe my daily meditation is helping me.  Physically the deep breathing improves my oxygen capacity which enables my whole body to work better, quicker, harder. Mentally it is improving my attitude, willpower and perception.

I have reached the conclusion that for me all this exercise is necessary habit that I have to keep up. The necessity of it is well worth the overall benefit of feeling better, healthier and more energetic. I am close enough to fifty that I have evidently already hit that stage in my life where the muscle mass I gain will be lost within days.  I can go one day without weight training.  I have discovered I just can't do two.

I played another friend's electric guitar down at the pub the other night.  That was fun and pushed my comfort zone.  I mean I did play in a public venue per se.  May of only been four or five other people there, but I did it.  It may be a small step in the overall picture of things but for me it was a big step outside of my comfort zone.  To willingly expose my imperfections in a public place opening myself up for ridicule.

I learned how to get out of two types of arm bars this week.  I also learned a little about forward and reverse throws and how to counter a hip to hip check in grappling.  I really do love body mechanics.   Smiles 

*Jay is not his real name

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