Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week One, June 12-18

So I have looked up and pinned the push-up challenge and am following along.  I am no longer going to worry about my weight on the scale and reducing caloric intake.  I will continue to eat healthy and moderately.  Hoping to slowly scale back and eliminate the excess sugar calories.  But at this point I want to concentrate on the physical aspect-building, strengthening and toning my body while increasing my stamina and endurance.

I made a list of the exercises I am doing below.  Glad I did.  I was able to pinpoint exerciese that were duplicated.  Like the same leg lift one leg one side on the side versus both legs at the same time on the back.  For me time is an important factor.  As it is limited I do not wish to do the same exercise twice due to a minor change.  This helped me to streamline what I am doing.

You may have noticed I stay far away from traditional sit-ups and crunches.  I have bad results with these.  I have never been able to achieve a good form so instead I stress my lower back and neck.  And I just flat hate them...

Tuesday-Full set of stretches, about three hours gardening and about ten minutes working with my sword.  10 real push-ups 12 each of leg lifts on back (for tummy) along with cross crunches, two different styles of leg lifts on both sides and that one that is split like with legs in the air...Twisting from side to side.  16 of everything  I normally do for upper body with dumbbells.

Wednesday-This is the one shift where I am up and moving the most.  Walking for 8 hours around my store.  Wore ankle weights.  Cardio night.  Dancing at the bar for an hour. Did eleven push-ups. Practiced my guitar too.  Forgot to meditate though.  I did stretch.

Thursday, Stretched and did my 11 sit-ups.  Did a little bit of swordwork.  16 of the below mentioned exercises.  Going to build to 20-24 then split them up into reps.  My goal is to get to four reps of 14-16.  Then I will do two slowly and two quickly to build both types of muscle fibers.

Friday, 13 push-ups and 18 of all those exercises.  Fell asleep late so I am tired today.  Just getting this far is an accomplishment to me tonight.  Tomorrow 15 push-ups and...

Saturday-I managed my 15 push-ups.  Went to the rock show and walked around about four hours.  I did not do any weight lifting.

Sunday-Day of rest with sword play in the park.

Exercises I do daily with ankle weights and dumbbells.
Hips, Waist, and Thighs
*Standing Oblique Flexion
*Bench Step Up (I try to do this every time I go upstairs whether or not I have weights)
*Cross Twist (supposed to be on a bench, I don't have one)
*Bent Knee Deadlift
*Standing Flye
Abs & Legs
*Leg Lifts (lying on back)
*Double Leg Lift (When I find out the real name I'll share)
Upper Body
*Dumbbell Curl
*Tricep Kickbacks
*Dumbbell Lateral Raise
*Dumbbell Overhead Shoulder Press
*Dumbbell Row
*Dumbbell Punch
Blocking/Punching Drills with Dumbbells.  I have taken my Abrizare moves and added weights as I practice them.  Doing this adds strength training, gives my core muscles a good workout while strengthening my stance and legs.   I am also practicing my footwork and stance.  This gives me stronger and faster blocks and strikes.  (If I ever need it.) I go slow in these exercises to build precision and control.  "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."  Please note that I visualize a palm strike or some other move instead of a punch as it gives more options.
*Posta Longa Block with Punch (L & R sides)
*Posta Longa Passing Step with Punch (L & R Sides)
*Dente di Cinghiaro with Punch
*Dente di Cinghiaro Passing Step with Punch
*Posta Frontale from left and right sides
*Posta Frontale with passing step from right and left sides

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