Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Had another snowstorm over the weekend.  I sure wasn't looking forward to clearing my block of sidewalks by hand.  Heavy, wet snow.  Too wet for the snowblower.  I was cringing as I envisioned my upcoming sore, abused muscles protesting the workout. However by the time I got off work on Sunday half of it had melted away making the job easier.  Two days later when I figured I would be hurting and maxing out on Aleve instead I have awoke and am not hurting.  I do not need to take any Aleve either.  Wow!  And then someone plowed the glass shop parking lot yesterday.  I believe it was Wade across the street.  THANK YOU!

Sunday I really was getting crabby before I got off work.  My goal was to get the snow off the sidewalks and then I could put on my jammies and hibernate in bed for the rest of the day.  Once I arrived home I changed my clothes and hustled out to get that chore done.  I was hurrying because as a business I try to have it done by noon.  Say daybreak is about six am and I have six hours to remove it so therefore noon is a good time deadline.  After that I had an attitude adjustment and between that, the exercise and fresh air I was back in a good mood and didn't hide out the rest of the day.

No HEMA meeting this past Sunday due to the snow.  I am missing them and seeing the other members.  I do know that this is only temporary.  I am still working on the Posta dance.  I think I have step eight down and am about ready to tackle step nine.  I've had days where I have found myself wanting to slack off.  I have managed to keep myself at it. If for no other reason than I know it will help me and make me feel better in the long run. I also remind myself that to learn it so I can be good at it requires patience and repetition. Then I remind myself of past things I've learned that required that same dedication and practice.  Not to mention that there is a bunch of other reasons to keep at too.  I think this is a good example of one reason why one should keep learning.  I find I am having to learn how to learn again!

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