Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

I cannot believe how quickly fall is going by.  Time is really flying by.  Christmas is just over two weeks away.   Where has it gone?  

No HEMA meeting today.  I did have a great practice session tonight.  I spent about an hour practicing.  I am about three fourths of the way through the posta dance he put together for us. Tonight I finally felt it "click".  Especially going from the *Porta di Ferro to *Posta Frontale.  That time I did it and my body just flowed through it.  The moment where one just knows-"that is how it is supposed to work".   And then a few minutes later I moved through the first seven steps beautifully.  Now to keep practicing so I can move with my body like that every time.

Keeping the kitchen and house cleaned up so far.  Actually have cooked a couple of dinners the past week.  I tried my hand at making breakfast egg, bacon and cheese "muffins".  For someone who doesn't tend to cook well without a recipe these turned out great.  

*These are two different guard positions.    

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