Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Had another fantastic HEMA club meeting today.  After the past few days we had a heat wave and hit about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  The patio had been cleared of snow and was mostly dry.  As the sun was out and the patio was in full sun it was actually quite nice.  Moving and being focused helped too.

He has put together a drill or Kata of offensive and defensive moves that flow from one to another.   He designed it for us for practicing solo.    Covers all twelve of the guards with a nice mix of cuts and thrusts in it.  He had us film him with his camera.  The goal being for him to post a private video for us to use so we can get it all down along with the names of the moves.

I am really enjoying this.  I love the sword and the art.  I think his enthusiasm for the sport really shows in his teaching it to us.  I am so lucky to be able to learn this!

I had a great Thanksgiving despite the awful road conditions that kept my aunt and cousins from being able to attend my dinner.  So I invited my neighbor & friend.  I also got to visit with a long time friend of mine who came in off the ranch for Thanksgiving with his mom.  He still has one!  He usually stays next door.  I spent several lovely, laughter filled nights just hanging out with my friends.  We drank whiskey, shared lots of laughter, reminisced about the good times and bullshitted the nights away.  It has been a very long time since I've let loose like that and had such a great time.

The stretching and exercise are really helping.  I tried fixing my leggings on the way down the stairs.  As a result of not paying attention I lost my footing, landed on my hiney and slid down several steps.  I am NOT aching from head to toe like I would of been three or four months ago!!!  

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