Thursday, November 12, 2015

Having Some Real Moves to Practice, Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015

I am so pleased to have these new moves to practice.  One handed cut, thrust and a defensive swing that leads into a nice counter attack with several variations.  I can't practice the latter part as it requires a sparring partner. There is hope as dear son may yet be interested.  

It is a nice feeling to know what I am doing. At least a few moves anyway.  I know that I am no expert and all that.  But now I have these things I know how to do now so I can practice them. The more I practice the more I like it and the more I like the more I do.

I have been working on push-ups and am now doing four at a time.  I am trying to remember to drop and do them at least three times a day.  Sheesh I can remember a time I could of done 20 at least.  I really do not like how my physical strength has deteriorated of the past three plus years.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I practice several times a day.  I am enjoying being able to practice "real" moves.  I am slowly building upper body strength.  Four push ups tonight were easy enough for me to add a fifth.  I am practicing the one handed handed moves I learned.  I do as many repetitions as I can.  When I start getting sloppy from fatigue and discomfort I switch to another move. I am managing to run through two sets of reps right and left handed.  I had trouble with the left handed cut at first as my hand was too weak to properly manage the move.  I was having to do it with both hands.  Then I do some two handed moves until my dogs tell me they are ready to come in.

I am strengthening my hands without leaving them hurting later.  I've had some sore and stiff neck muscles too.  The most painful ones are in my forearms and I don't seem to be bothered by them the rest of time for which I am grateful.

Today I was cranky and out of sorts.  I woke up with a fuzzy head.  Woke up feeling like I was out of it from cold medicine.   Ugh....I really don't like being so irritable.  I decided it was stress and anxiety caused and proceeded to accomplish the task that was creating this.  So I did.  I also had several meltdowns along the way.  I fussed and cussed and kept going.

I decided to burn some sage this evening to cleanse my room, myself and my lungs. Smudging with sage disinfects the air.  I was using it for spiritual, emotional and physical cleansing.

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