Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015 Second HEMA Meeting/Class

I have spent the past week sticking to my stretching and practice routine.   Otherwise I've had my head buried in paperwork.  I've caught it up and got it all filed away.  Paper work is not something I like and tends to leave me feeling as if my head will explode.  This is a chore I had to do if I want to keep my home.  After that all I want to do is relax.  (translated-paperwork left me no time or energy to journal)

I've been studying  YouTube videos trying to find ones that deal with Fiore's techniques.  I found several called "Posta di Donna".  Of course both are a bit different and one insisting that other variations are lazy and poorly done.  I stuck with the one that felt "right" to me.  One has rather simple footwork, but then the sword is held at what to me is an awkward angle cocked back behind the head and neck.  It felt overkill and awkward to me and to bring the sword around forward and down. It does not feel like it flows properly and smoothly.  This is the one claiming that other variations were incorrect.*  The footwork of the second was bit more complicated, but the angle the sword is held at feels more efficient and the stroke flows smoothly.  It also shows three different striking variations where as the other doesn't.  The footwork on this one also steps one to the side of the line of attack.

Today was my second club meeting/class.  The weather was nice enough that we were able to be outside and work, or should I say learn sword moves.  I got to meet another of our club members, a gentleman who is older than me.  The more I get to know my fellow club members the more I like them.  I definitely am losing my feelings of being "odd".   I was a bit nervous at first, but once I forgot about it I feel I did well.  I found myself a bit chagrined at first being corrected.  I just had to remind myself that I am there to learn and it is normal, natural and that I need to hear it.  Otherwise how will I get better?  I have to work on the concept that having something corrected is helpful-not criticism.

The practice of the footwork for the Posta di Donna that I favored practicing payed off today at the meeting.  The footwork for the moves he showed us today was the same.  I learned Fiore's one handed sword defense against the cut and thrust.  Not to mention I learned the basic cut and thrust.  I also learned how our defense controls the measure and what we can do at different measures.  One of the neat things I learned today is that Fiore liked to keep things simple.  Many moves and techniques use the same basic principles.  The refinements are the variations of how these basic principles may be used.  We worked on one handed sword moves.  I got to use a wooden waster and a steel trainer.  

I really had a good time and am looking forward to next week.  It was really rewarding to see my practice paying off a bit.  Not to mention getting to learn and use some things I have seen in videos.

*HEMA is about studying and trying to recreate European martial art skills and techniques that are based on the remains of historical manuscripts and drawings.  Different people have different interpretations based on these.  Needless to say there are differences of opinions on what is correct or incorrect.

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