Thursday, November 26, 2015

Warrior Princess

"Willow the Warrior Princess" To feel her rising up within me and to acknowledge her presence is a very powerful thing.    To honor the blood of ancient royalty that flows through my veins and to accept my strong, fiery, powerful side.  "P'Richard"  is Welsh for son of a chief or king.   "O'Hagen" is Celtic and traces its roots clear back to King Nuada of the Silver Hand.   I come from an ancient heritage of warriors and I choose to honor my ancestors and myself.

I have found an amazing passion for the warrior nature within me. Whether by accident or design this is where my path has led.  I feel destiny has led me to this life.  I know there are many other ways for a women to honor her inner warrior in a more traditional feminine manner. That path does not appeal to me.  I have deliberately chosen to fully embrace the masculinity of this path.  There is something about it that calls to me so sweetly.   I know I have an inordinately strong inner core.  It cries out for me to teach it more, to hone it and make it sharp.  The more I learn the more I crave to learn.

Another thing I believe is that we women have been taught for centuries to suppress that side of ourselves.  We are taught to put our safety and trust into the keeping of men.  That our place is in the home and on the sidelines in a support role.  We are finally starting to reclaim that.  Despite what our cultural media pushes at us.  They are doing us all a great disservice.  I am also stating to learn about all the women that did fight.  We have always fought.  Modern history does not wish for us to know these things.

I think all roles should be considered gender neutral.   Our roles should not be defined by our reproductive organs, but by what we are passionate and good at.  Many of us are not suited for the life of a warrior-whether male or female and those that are should be encouraged regardless of being male or female.

*I am starting to learn more about women in history and how if one looks they can find women that fought despite the world trying to tell us otherwise.

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