Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015 Altering the Pommel

So I finally made it to the hardware store for some sandpaper so I could sand down those "sharp" edges on the pommel of my practice sword as recommended by my coach.  It is a  Hand and a Half Training Sword by Cold Steel.  As I said earlier the name does say it all "hand and a half".  As I mentioned in previously my left hand wanted to slide down and grip the hilt lower and was encountering the angled edges of the pommel.  The angles felt sharp and extremely uncomfortable.

Here is how I actually ended up doing it.  Number one I am not the most patient of people.  I started with some 100 grit paper.  Decided it was too slow.  I grabbed an Xacto knife and carved the edges down.  Then I got out the palm sander which had a really coarse grit already on it.  I used the palm sander to really smooth and round out those edges.  I finished up with the 100 grit and then some 150 grit.  What a difference! It feels so much better.  Now I can grip it where I need to without hurting my hand.  Being able to grip it a bit lower with my left hand feels much more natural.

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