Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

I'm surprised, yesterday's entry received eleven page views....

Getting that particular step-swing, sword back up for guard, repeat, etc;  There is a "snap" to the swinging of the sword for it.  I might have it figured out, but I have to build up my forearm muscles for it.  Definite soreness today.  To me it means I am learning and building.  This soreness is also making it difficult to practice properly today.

And on the subject of meditation this came across my Facebook feed.  "Meditation Can Grow Your Brain In Just 8 Weeks".

So I did my stretching and I've practiced some swings.  I've held back today due to the soreness in my forearms.  Hopefully I won't be so sore tomorrow.

Slogged thru more glass cleaning.  Looks like it will take me at least one more day to finish the non-Spectrum glass cabinet bins.  Ugh...I am tired of it.  Still have two dozen bins to go.  Then there is all the Spectrum glass cabinet bins...I am so done with this already.  *sigh*  I will get there.

Actually it is not the snap of the downward stroke, but the stopping the momentum and the direction of the sword and bringing it back up to the high guard position for the next swing that has created the soreness.

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