Monday, October 12, 2015

Still Recuperating

It's been a couple of days since I've posted.  Time to check in.  I survived a full workday on Saturday and then managed a nap before I had to open up the shop.  I didn't stretch or practice.  I was counting the minutes until I could close and go back to bed. There I snuggled up and watched anime on my laptop.  I didn't have to work Sunday and declared it a "PJ Day".  I spent the day in bed watching stuff on Netflix.  I am grateful I was able to just be lazy and do so.  Once again I did not stretch or practice.

Today is Monday.  I am feeling quite a bit better, but I am still not up to par.  I had plans for more wall scrubbing.  After my morning stretches and a short practice session I realized I am still pretty weak with no stamina and quickly breathless.  So I will be flexible and try to putter around the house and just take it easy for one more day.

I found a meme on Facebook today that I feel accurately describes my new journey.  "She needed a hero in her life so she became one."   I love it.  And with that I am out of words for today.

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