Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Buddy check day.  Later today I will be calling friends and family who served in our armed forces.

I have decided that I  need to be more serious about this my training.  I've reached a point where I am ready to ramp things up a bit.  I'm going to get serious about doing reps of the swings I am learning. Two sets of reps at a time is all I can handle at the moment.  I am hoping to repeat these sets twice a day if not three times.  I could probably manage three reps of two of the moves I am practicing.  But after doing two sets of a downward stroke from high striking guard on my left I realize I am very weak with this move.  This probably is where most of the pain from learning that previous move came from.

I am grateful that I've learned how to properly warm and loosen up my sore muscles.  I expect a lot more sore muscles.  Doing a move slowly helps me to analyze the movement and flow of it.  I can concentrate on making sure my grip is right, ditto the coordination of my body.  It definitely helps with control of the movement.  I think being able to do a slow, controlled precise movement helps one to master the movement while building strength.  After mastering the move one can build speed.

I have decided that for now I really need to pay close attention to my left hand and how I'm gripping it.  I am going with the theory that I am not holding my practice sword correctly and need to improve on it.

Another reason to start dancing again.  I need to practice spinning.  I get dizzy too easy.  I think this is something we lose with age because we aren't out doing cartwheels or somersaults or spinning in circles just for fun.

Today has been a rather lazy, laid back one.  Guess I needed a break from the cleaning.  I did get the stuff moved out of the display cabinet I am getting rid of and finished that one last non-Spectrum glass bin.

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