Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stretching With Dogs

Another day started nice and early.  I have once again made it a priority to start my day out with a stretching routine.  I have to admit it it gets interesting as once I am down on the floor or reaching for it my two dogs think this means playtime. While I finished stretching they played a bit with each other.  It was good to see them playing.  This looks as if it will also help my doges to get in better shape too!  The golden girl really needs it.  My little guy isn't overweight like she is but I know he could definitely use some conditioning.  So we all had fun with it this morning.

I am definitely getting addicted to swordplay.  I love how I can notice daily improvement in my skills.  I can definitely feel how it is conditioning my body.  My forearms, upper arms,  mainly triceps, core muscles in my back, shoulder blades and my ribs along with my neck.   I have always had strong legs and that is one area I haven't lost nearly as much muscle unlike my upper body.

I am wielding two handed with the goal of wielding single handed once I am stronger. Ultimately I would love to be a dual wielder.  I also know that this may not work for me.  As I learn swordplay and my strengths and weakness I will learn what works best for me.  Already I am able to do some swings using my right hand that I could not do a week ago.

I was reading today that dance has been tested as the best over all method to keep oneself fit, keep oneself smarter and ward off dementia. As a teen I danced for hours every night in the privacy of my room.  When we moved into a two story house with my bedroom above my parents I had to quit as my dad started going to bed about the time I'd start dancing.  I was extremely physically fit until my early thirties and I really miss it.  I want to start dancing again.  This time I'm going to bring my sword into it.  We'll see if it works or not.

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