Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015
I've decided it's a mild cold.  No real bad sinus congestion, but I am waking up congested with that sinus burn and it is moving into my chest.  The worst of it is the fatigue.  After working at my real job I just took the rest of the day easy.  I watched a good documentary on HEMA,  "Back to the source-Historical European Martial Arts" documentary.  It was very educational to me.  Now I have a much better understanding of it and how it works.  What I need to be doing to learn.

No hide nor hair of Buddy.  False alarm Sunday night.  But it wasn't him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2015
Feeling a bit more energetic today.  Or at least my determination and will power are better today.  I'm going to putter away at some stuff that needs catching up. So with that I now have the dishes all caught up-three sink loads later.  No I don't have a machine for it.  I AM the dishwasher.   I was up and in the shop in time to receive my glass order and our order from Schwan's.  I think I've got my starfish photography prop finally painted.  (Thank you journal.  As I was previewing this post I remembered that my starfish and can of paint was still outside!  It could rain and there will be frost or heavy dew in the morning. So now they are safely inside.)

Have I mentioned that what were my tightest fitting jeans started slipping down?  I had to start wearing a belt with them.  So I broke down and stepped on the scales again.  I've lost another five pounds.  I still find it fascinating how once I gave up on losing this weight and now here I am losing it.

I stretched out in front of the heater. Best way to start the morning when it's chilly over here in the shop.   Found a left over piece of doweling from a closet rod.  Perfect length for use as a tool for dagger practice.

Buddy is still MIA.

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