Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Learning To Use A Sword Just For The Fun Of It

Day 2.  After a good breakfast and stretching out I practiced some basic swings with my practice sword. It is already starting to feel more comfortable to me.  And I think there is a definite feeling of right or not right when I am swinging.  A smoothness to it when it is done correctly.  I am enjoying it more than expected.  I love that feeling when my body moves in harmony.  That moment where one enters the flow and everything moves with precision and grace as the mind and body all work effortlessly together.

Going to sleep tonight with a inspiring thought that tomorrow is another day to work at being the type of person I admire and want to be.

Day 3.   Today I arose, got ready and went to work.  I put in my eight hours.  I wore a pedometer and had five miles on it by the time I clocked out.  I had a good brunch.  After I returned home I stretched out and practiced my swings some more.  I have decided that I need to wake up about 30 minutes earlier so I can stretch and practice before I go to work.  This might take a while.  Trying to go to sleep at six pm can be really hard some nights.

I may be working "graveyard" shifts, but it is really cool to have put in my eight hours and be headed home at 10:30 in the  morning.

I am only practicing for short periods of time and doing it several times a day.  My goal is to build up my muscles slowly.   Yes I am experiencing some mild soreness.  I don't mind mild soreness, but the kind where one can barely move?  No thank you.

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