Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 14

Some days I have a great idea for a blog post title and many days I won't.  As this is more of a way to journal the how, where, why and whats of my life journey I refuse to worry about it.

Yesterday I was a very busy gal.  I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and the fact my shop is closed to get the carpets steam cleaned.  My little dog has turned into quite the whizzer around here.  So I vacuumed them thoroughly, moved a bunch of stuff and spent a good eight hours cleaning the shop carpets.  It felt really good to accomplish so much in one day.  I find it very hard to put in that kind of energy and get that much done in one day.  Getting there though.  I stretched and practiced with my sword too.   Then it was an early night as I had to work this morning.

After putting in my eight hours at work I didn't want to do much cleaning here in the shop today.  But I persevered and cleaned out one top section of a glass cabinet/rack.  Twenty four bins vacuumed, the glass cleaned and put back.  Some bins also had to be washed out.  Broke down and priced a full sheet of glass out of the stash cabinet.  So I can go to bed feeling I did accomplish something today.  Did I mention I put the belly band on my little whizzer today?  Well I did, no whizzing on my clean carpet or my clean cabinets.  I also stretched and practiced my swings today.

Forgot my pedometer this morning so I can't tell you how many miles I put on today.  And I totally forgot about it yesterday.

Reclaiming myself and my energy feels good.  It is so nice to wake up with energy, hope and plans!

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