Thursday, April 6, 2017

First Week Of April

It was my birthday.  I got in my dancing Friday and Saturday.  Sunday I was exhausted and didn't get anything accomplished.  Tired do to fighting the next cold.  Four colds in less than six weeks.  Ugh.  I did have my Sambucol so I was only down a couple of days.  I think I managed weights once during that time.  Yesterday I managed some sword training.  Today I managed a full sword training and a full weight workout.

I have added in some exercises to work on those love handles aka muffin top and belly.  The top half is coming along nicely, but I have went from an apple shape to a pear.  After looking at pictures of myself from Saturday my bottom half appears rather dumpy and disgusting to me.  So I took some time while feeling crappy to look for some exercises for my belly, hips and thighs.  I have always had a terrible time with sit-ups and crunches.  They tend to leave my lower back and neck hurting.  I think I have found some exercises to get the abs in shape without those nasty things.  If nothing else it should at least tone them up enough that I can do them!

Diet is holding although it could be better.

Sleep is still horrible.  Three hours solid was achieved once this week.  It is still sleep two hours and wake up wide awake, then repeat every hour.  And of course I have to work at going back to sleep.  Grrrrrr.....   Makes it very hard to stay healthy and let my physical body rest.  Needless to say my blood pressure is running high right now.  I shall persevere.  I believe in myself.  I can do this

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