Friday, March 31, 2017

March's End Progress

Past two weeks has really been on and off for weight and weapons training.  I have dropped my weight down to 170, a loss of 10-13 pounds.  Twenty to twenty five to lose!  I weighed it 170 almost two weeks ago.  I have kept it there despite the indulgence of good food last weekend.

I finally have body measurements.  Kind of wish I would of thought of that one sooner.  I know the last time I measured my bust I was between 38 to 40 inches.  I may be able to hit 36" again.

Upper Bust (above boobs) 40"
Bust (under boobs)            37"
Waist (good posture)         35"
Hips                                   42"
Upper Arms                       15"
Upper Thigh                      24"
Lower Thigh                      18"
Calves                                15"

At this point I know I need to lose weight off my waist, belly and hips.  I don't have any comparison for the arms and legs.  And those I want to tone, build muscles and definition.

I want to have obvious muscle definition, but not much more than that.

Leg lifts for stomach muscles-eight, push-ups-five.  Much work needed here.  I haven't been doing them and it shows!  I have built my other reps up to 15 from ten.   I alternate between slow and fast rep sets.

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