Friday, March 3, 2017

Back on the Wagon

Today I crawled back onto the proverbial wagon.  I stretched properly this morning.  I did weight training and I've watched what I have consumed.  I have this goal to be fit-strong toned, lean and "mean" by the end of June.  I have started regular training with my sword again.  I need to work in polearms training too.  By the way I love polearms too now.  I believe I have turned into a non-projectile weapons geek.

 As I am finally starting to adjust to being stuck in this graveyard lifestyle and being the boss of my department-whether I wish it or not-I have decided to find a way to do what I want and need to for me.   Now that I am a bit more settled I can start figuring out how and where I can add back in these thing I desire to do.  And that is getting fit, strong.  Becoming the person I wish to be.

I want to be that fun, amazingly cool "bad ass" person to be with.  Not looking for trouble or starting it.  But if you mess with me, or mine......

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