Saturday, March 18, 2017

Progress Report Second Week Of March

Fridays tend to be a day off from weapons and weight training.  It tends to be my cardio day.  Dancing the night away at my local pub with friends.  Friday the tenth I managed both.  I ended up with an hour to kill so I went ahead and did my weapons and weight training.  Then I went dancing and drank to much....

Saturday the eleventh I woke up with the sinus congestion of a cold.  I took a sick day and kept my shop closed.  All I did was take care of myself.

Sunday I was still awful, but I drug my ass out of bed and do the bare minimum I had to then went home and back to bed and called out sick for my HEMA class.    :(

Monday was a repeat of Sunday.  Bare minimum at work and back to bed.  By late afternoon I could breathe well enough to work out with my weights.

Tuesday I was mending.  Managed a to survive a full shift at work.  Trained with both weights and weapons.  I also broke down and had a soda pop.   I slept horribly.  I managed about five hours of sleep on top the hour and half nap I had after work.  I kept waking up every hour to hour and a half stressing about work for no reason.

Wednesday.  Work went well and I had another soda.  I got sidetracked visiting with friends and lost my time for weapons training.  I did manage weights though.  Wednesday night I fought my sub-conscious for sleep.  Ended up with about four hours.   Grrr..

Thursday.  Work could of went better, but I did manage to get done what I needed.  For the most part.  Still behind on subscribing the re-set sections.  Courtesy of an extra re-set of ALL 41 sections of wine.  Weapons and weight training accomplished.

As I stated above Fridays are my day off and I instead I get a good cardio workout dancing with friends.  I got an excellent work out too.  I made all night since I behaved myself and only had three shots all night long.  I played my guitar.  Johnathon and I did 'House Of The Rising Sun.  Best I have ever kept up with him on the guitar.  (I play and we duet the song)   They took off about midnight.   Asked to keep an eye on things.  Predicted 30 minutes, 45 tops before a certain person started shit.  Twenty minutes.  Helped to break it up.   I passed a personal test.  Yes I can and will do what is necessary without hesitation when needed.  Small confidence boost taken with the knowledge to not get over confident.

I am really starting to try to rein in my negativity.  The past eight months at work have turned me into a big whiner.

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