Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Progress Report For The First Week Of March

It feels really good to be back on a regular training schedule.  To get back to doing all those things I was doing daily for my physical and mental health.  Stretches? Check. Weights? Check.  Weapons training? Check.  Weights to build strength?  Check.

I have trained with my sword for the past six days straight.  Three of them in snowstorms.  Training dedication level? 110%!   Four of them I have also trained with my polearms staff.  Just handling exercises.   I have also been back lifting weights as of the past six days.  I have added a new set of exercises to my weight lifting.  I am practicing my blocks (and footwork) with the weights.  I can feel it in my ribcage and my thighs. What a better way to build strength for a solid block!

I have also been watching my diet again and have had only one soda pop in the past six days.  So I am drinking water, remembering my vitamins and herbal supplements.  I am doing my best to eat healthier, leaner and cleaner. I have added fruit back into my diet.  I am working hard to stay away from the sweets.  Hard for me to do....At this point the battle is in adjusting to the lack of sugar and the excess calories that go with it.  Yesterday the cravings were the worst and I felt horrid.

Apparently I have also caught another cold, a mild one, but still.  I can tell by the feel in my lungs. That umm, hot raggedy feel when it first hits your lungs.  Explains why I didn't want to do anything over the last weekend and why I felt so bad yesterday.  This is the bad thing about hot flashes.  I cannot tell if I am having hot flashes or fevers at times until more symptoms kick in.

Part of the motivation to get back to all these healthy habits is the realization that my work hours aren't going to get any better anytime soon and that, oh shit I have four months left to meet my goals of losing that last thirty pounds and getting buff at the same time.  So time to quit stalling, using work as an excuse and just do it!  Also I enjoyed a Korean TV series about a street fighter-"Tong: Memories" that for some reason inspired me.  I think it was the showing of the fact that even though he was very good he worked and trained hard to become even better.

All I can say is I did not realize how much missed my fitness routine and how much I enjoy it.

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