Monday, March 7, 2016

Busy As a Worker Bee

I have been so busy for the past few weeks.  I have friends visiting for a while who are staying on the property.  It is actually working out well and we are having fun.  I get to be a support and encouragement system for my good friend who is physically disabled with several critical illnesses. We are stretching out and walking together.  I am helping her to become more active physically and we are good company for each other. In return she is helping me to become motivated on getting stuff done around here.  In other words she is keeping me on track.

I have been working on cleaning up stuff in the back corner of my yard.  I have been feeding trash left behind by my ex into my garbage can.    I have been working on my pile of wood too.  I pulled a bunch of the old wood scraps out and cut them into firewood for camping.  Which we used on our *annual winter camping trip.

We came home from camping on Sunday (the 28th).  We got everything unloaded.  I had planned to completely clean the camp kitchen on Monday.  Along with washing the camp quilts and tumbling the dust out of the wool blankets  And of course the usual chore of emptying, cleaning and re-packing the clothes box.

The drain pump on the washer died as John was washing his work clothes Sunday afternoon.  The drain pipes on the kitchen sink started leaking badly on Monday when I was dipping the water out of the washer.   So Monday I also cleaned out under my kitchen sink and replaced a corroded connector. I still cleaned the camp kitchen inside and out too along with the clothes box.  I decided I would worry about the camp quilts and wool blankets another time.  They aren't that dirty.

I missed the past two HEMA meetings.  I missed the one that was changed from a Sunday to a Saturday.  And had to give up yesterday's meeting to move my "new to me" fridge.  I have been lazy with my sword practice lately with everything going on.  My weight has stayed the same I have not lost anymore weight, but I haven't gained any either.

This month's physical goals are to keep up my HEMA training and practice.  To make lifting free weights to build my upper body a daily, anime watching habit.  Keep stretching and walking.

*Tomorrow-Winter Bend Rondy, aka my annual winter camping trip.

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