Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday, March 3, 2016

As of yesterday meetings are now on Saturdays.  As long as I can get someone to babysit the glass shop I am able to go.  We now have a schedule of three Saturdays on and the fourth one off.   We worked on our sword skills this time.    Now learning a new form of measure, practiced our fendentes from Posta di Donna.  Learned a nice little move to use when the swords bind in the "weak" areas, aka about the last third of the sword.  (the pointed, sharp end, lol)  We also practiced not flinching as a sword is swung at us.  It was all done in a very controlled manner.  I found it harder than I expected to not flinch.  It is very instinctive to flinch when something comes flying towards your head.

We were granted the pleasure of watching our teacher spar with the youngest member of our group.  This young man works with us and over in the valley.  He has been doing this longer than the rest of us, excluding our teacher.  He used longsword and dagger against our teacher.  Teacher used longsword, dagger, poleaxe and axes.  It was very neat to watch.  They did about three rounds.

The more weapons I see used the more I want to learn how to use them myself.  My inner Celtic warrior queen appears to love all weapons.  Apparently she has quite the blood thirsty, battle streak.  She loves weapons.  

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