Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Soul Mates & Hidden Vows

One of my of my soul sisters posted a meme to my Face book wall.  I have seen it before and really liked it. A picture of an elegant woman with long hair in a full length black leather coat hiding a sword behind her back.  It reads "Don't look for a princess in need of saving, look for a queen to fight by your side."   Today I read it and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I now love it.

I realized somewhere in the past six months I have made a vow to my soul mate and to myself.  I have vowed to be patient and await your arrival in my life.  (I am fully aware of the fact that this meeting may never take place in this lifetime or that if it does we may not be able to have the relationship I am yearning for.)  But for now I can stand strong and improve myself.  So that if that blessed event should come to pass I will be ready for you.  I can and will continue to learn and train to be a better person and to have the skills I need to be his queen and fight at his side.

When that day comes I want my soul mate to see me as a beautiful, strong confident woman.  One that he can respect and admire. One who can inspire him and give him strength. A woman worthy to be queen to his king.  Mentally, intellectually and physically.  I will do my best to be ready for that day.

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  1. You are a Queen! Never forget that, and when you start questioning who you are...adjust that crown and move on!