Thursday, March 10, 2016

Winter Bend 2016

Winter Bend Rondevous is an annual  late winter black powder shoot and re-enactment camping that has been going on for decades.  Our time period is pre-1840 and basically about the love of black powder guns, mountain men and their lifestyle.  We dress and camp "primitive".  Their is also a "tin tipi" camp for those who can't of don't want to camp primitive. This particular rondy gets a lot of tourist traffic.  I realized this Winter Bend that I have been doing this for twenty four years.  Below is a picture of the camps that were set up in front of ours.

I have camped at as many as I could when the time and money allowed.  If I couldn't camp we almost always visited.  I've not shot a lot after the first couple of years.  I have gone for the primitive camping and to see good friends and make new ones.  I have a large canvas wall tent.  Which I have set up to have a liner.  It also has a wood stove.   The picture below is of the inside of my tent.  The wood stove is in the lower left hand corner that isn't in the picture.

There is a Trader's Row.  There are a few core traders who can always be counted on to be there.  After that you never know what goods one may find.   My first Winter Bend there was a tinsmith.  I still have my original, tin candle lantern.  I wish I had two or three more.  I am thinking of looking into the craft.  I've honestly thought it sounded like a PITA.

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