Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I watch a lot of anime, A LOT.    Since my boys introduced me or should I say I stumbled into watching it from being in the room as they were watching it.  Anime is about all I ever watch anymore.  Of course this has led me to go read whatever my current favorite is in it's manga version online. I have noticed that although I tend to go for the fantasy genre I do  seem to find ones that have good lessons.  No not lessons, but inspiration.  I feel I am being guided to whatever inspiration I currently need or that will help me.  

The inspiration I found in my current favorite is about the strength of one's determination to work hard to get where they want. The protagonists in this series know what they want and they inspire each other to work hard to get there. That is what stood out to me.

I have spent the past year learning about myself, what I want and need. I spent months thinking and searching about what to do to get there.  Changing jobs where I work has given me a fairly stable schedule.  This helped me to decide what I wanted and needed to do.  I have found a new path and new goals.  This series has been a positive inspiration for me as I adjust to my new life.

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