Sunday, May 15, 2016

Captain America, Civil War

I had no idea what I was going to do today.  I was unable to get inspired to do any housework.  I was all ready to spend the day working in the yard, but it is raining so that isn't happening.  I figured I would stretch and train.  But after that I was trying to decide what to do.  Luckily for me the kids decided to go see the Captain America Civil War movie.  It was very excellent as usual.  
I still haven't remembered as much from yesterday's practise as I wish.  Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.   After reflecting on the issue for a while I have decided that I need to start a list of terms that are used in martial arts and I need to look up the true definitions.  I may have ageneral knowledge of what something means , but it may not be specific enough.  How can I learn the Armizare terms if I cannot correlate them with their English counterparts.  I think understanding the English terms will help me to learn the Armizare terms.  I have been frustrated with my lack of remembering and using those things.  It is time to solve it.

I haven't engaged my brain in learning and studying like this for many years.  I am definitely rusty at it and the thinking progression I need to improve the cerebral part of learning Armizare.  

I truly believe our minds are very powerful things.  With determination and patience one can train it for amazing results.

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