Monday, May 2, 2016

I'm Never Changing Who I Am

"I'm still the same as I was, now that you understand I'm never changing who I am."  from Imagine Dragon's "It's Time".  

It's not that I am changing.  I am just letting go of the facades I was taught to hide behind and refining the rest. I am learning who I am underneath the false fronts that I was taught to hide myself behind.  I was raised to "be a proper lady".  To be polite, to smile and hide the pain and keep up the appearances, to never rock that proverbial boat.  To suppress and deny myself to please others  I am done hiding and apologizing for being me.  

This is an ongoing process and it is also is a learning process.  I am discovering things about myself that I was unaware of previously.   In learning to allow myself to be me I am learning my own strength, power and value.

Facades and chains seem to go to together.......actually I would have to admit that the facades and false fronts are another type of chain.

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