Monday, May 23, 2016

Peace, Contentment And The Posta Dance

As I sit here gazing out my front window at my beautiful Snowball bush watching the wind ruffling the leaves and flower balls.  (Actually it is a huge bush, more the size of a small tree.)  I am am contemplating my life and I am very content in my life right now.  I am meeting my obligations.  I am learning and growing as a person in so many ways.   I am finally living my life in the manner I have desired for so long.  I am back to where I need to be as a person.  I have worked hard, struggled a lot and overcome much to get back to this point.  I have a lot of room for improvement, but I am happy.  I have finally found my peace.

Practicing daily with my sword and keeping it close to my side at home is a visible and physical reminder to live my life right.  To walk firmly upon the sacred red road.  In return I get peace, calm and contentment.  I lose worries, regrets, panic attacks, and anxiety.  The physical exercise improves my physical and my mental health.  I find the exercise to e it's own form of meditation.

We have been working with our swords the past three club meetings.  We have been practicing a variety of sword handling exercises and working on our posta dance.   I have learned a couple of new moves.  Today I was able to work my way through the whole dance with the training video. I finally have it down in my head.  To me this is a real achievement.   Especially since I had mangled it so badly at first.

p.s.  I am still doing my push-ups and am training with my sword daily.  Today I practiced for abut a half hour this morning and around an hour this evening.

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