Sunday, May 8, 2016

Women And Muscles

Until this year I had never aware of the issue that girls shouldn't have muscles.  I have become aware of this after becoming a member of the Esfinges.  I found it rather surprising to hear that guys don't like strong girls.  I have always been fortunate to be in environments that encourage, respect and admire muscles regardless of gender.  I live in Central Oregon.  The town I live in is a hub of innumerable outdoor recreational sports and activities.  About thirty minutes and you can either be in the Cascade Mountains or out in our High Desert.  Then there is all the rural and wild areas of ranches, national forests and BLM land.

I spent my elementary and middle school years living on a large ranch.  (Although we lived on a large ranch my folks ran several decorative building stone claims on the ranch.)  Towards the end of eighth grade my folks moved back to their home town.  I went from being a country girl to a stoner.  As a stoner girl in high school I hung out with the "bad boys".  My strength was an asset and I was respected for it.  I can remember many nights hanging out at the roller rink arm wrestling them.  Or weightlifting and swimming at the local pool.  Then my dad bought the tavern where the loggers hung out and drank at.  Those folks worked hard and they played hard. Muscles were admired and respected regardless of gender.

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