Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fun Holiday Saturday

My day started out a little bit on the wrong side.  I overslept badly and was almost two hours late for work.   I was allowed to make up an hour of the time I missed.  I checked for about two hours  I like doing it every now and again to keep in shape and refresh my produce codes.  Then I came home, changed my clothes and opened up my store for the day.  I had quite a rush and had a good day in my shop.

After I closed up for the day I went with my friend and son to our local Saturday Market.  There I visited all my vendor friends.  I finally had my belt shortened.  That eight inches of excess belt end is finally gone.  We had an early dinner from one of the food vendors there.  I tried something new and enjoyed it.  Seasoned beef dumplings, dipping sauces and salad.

I finished off my day by ending up at my local pub where I hung out with friends and got to enjoy a really good classic rock band.    Before the band started a couple of my friends and I sat on the deck taking turns playing guitar, bullshitting and picking each other's brains in general.   Later when the band started playing I ended up dancing and sparring the night away, lol.

I was blessed to have a really great day and see many of the wonderful friends I have made over the years and new ones too.  Good times were had, awesome memories made and a lot of great connecting with others happened.  I had a great time sparring with a good friend who has practiced mixed martial arts for many yeasrs.  He challenged me, encouraged me, gave me tips and did not take it easy on me.  It was exhilarating and I loved every minute of it.  I hope I get to "play" with him again.

p.s.  I did get in a good training session with my sword today too.

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